Criminal Minds Review


   It’s once in a blue moon to find a TV program that can fill viewers with both excitement and relevant knowledge such as Criminal Minds, an American police procedural crime drama television series, created by Jeff Davis. The show is set predominantly at the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) based in Quantico, Virginia. Criminal Minds is different from the various typical procedural dramas, for it focuses on profiling the criminal, called as the “unknown subject” (unsub) rather than the crime itself. The series follows a group of FBI profilers who are set on capturing criminals through behavioral profiling.


   One asset of the series is its very own plot and how it is insinuated. The way how cases arise and how the characters search for answers and investigate are just mind-stimulating. Each case doesn’t give you only action but also offers you the chance to think critically. It tackles about how the unsubs were created and the different psychological issues that surround their behavior and fantasies. Through this and the different facts displayed, it gives us a reasonable insight of what they do, how they’re made and why they do what they do.


   Another great thing is the fact that the series does not guide you on a picture perfect ending and narrows you down on how you should perceive it.  Amidst all the suspense and twists, Criminal Minds allows you to explore and judge for yourself. It does not preach too much and gives you the freedom to think and self-analyze each case on your own.


    Criminal Minds is a great series to watch for those who like plots that are engaging, suspenseful and keeps you thinking. It expresses how wits alone is can be used as a primary tool in a critical situation. The chemistry between the casts is outstanding and the facts revealed in every episode are just amazing. The series shows just how mind-blowing criminal psychology is and at the same time how appalling human beings can be. Out of five stars, I would give this series four.



by Hazel R.